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Phil has entertained thousands aboard the vessels of the American Queen Steamboat Company, Delta Queen Steamboat Company, Holland America, World Explore Cruises, and Disney Cruise Line.

American Queen | Mississippi Queen | Wind Spirit |
North To Alaska on the Universe Explorer


Phil's office, the Captain's Bar on the American Queen

Sometimes on the river you have to duck

Irish Night

Irish Night

Get out the leprechauns, it's Irish sing-along time

I'm strong to the finich, it's Popeye in Chester, Illinois

Romance on the river





Arthur Duncan and Barbara Billingsley mixing it up on the Mississippi Queen


Phil with Coach Knox and Company Hanging Around with "Ground Chuck"

Chuck Knox and friends enjoy the American Queen.
Go Seahawks!




The Band

2003 The Steam Boat Syncopators

Sidney Kibrick and Eunice David, wife of famed lyricist Hal David



Aboard the American Queen

Where's the Fire?  Just Glad to Be Here

Country Night The Reds' New Home

Who Says, "Never the Twain Shall Meet?"

Irish Night with Barry and Brenda  The Pipes are Calling A Really Really Big Show

New Stadium, Same Old Griffey

Yep, we got both kinds of music: "country" and "western"

My pal on and off the boat, Paul Penta

American Queen Santa Piano


Phil discussing plans for piano bar in space with Wally Schirra, Bill Dana, Scott Carpenter and Gordon Cooper



Just tickling the ivories
Mississippi Queen
Cincinnati "Tall Stacks" 2006 cruise director Phil poses with Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen

You haven't really lived until you have heard Dixie played on an authentic steam calliope

Phil and The Ink Spots!

Playing with the band aboard the Mississippi Queen

The Mississippi Queen and the American Queen side by side... but where are Tom and Huck?

Wind Spirit

(Memories of Costa Rica)

 Hey, You Wanna Buy A Monkey?
Tree On the Deck of the "Wind Spirit"
On the Beach

Belle of the ball

Band master days on the Disney Wonder


"The Wonder"

Lounging by the crew pool
on the Disney Wonder

A Tribute to Walt

The Disney Crew Band on the Deck of the Wonder

What's your favorite song Mikey?

North To Alaska

ak_linphil.jpg (17129 bytes)
Ok, ok.  Break it up kids.  You can't spend the entire cruise slow dancing.  Besides, what's a trip to Alaska without an "Otter Excursion?"

ak_boat.jpg (26769 bytes)
Their tour guide was the wildest, orneriest, spitfire-daredevil who ever tamed the white waters of Alaska.  So who put Gilligan at the front of the boat?

ak_dolphin.jpg (24453 bytes)
While Phil was braving the rapids, Linda found time to paint.

ak_glacier.jpg (19979 bytes)
Just your average, everyday, colossal blue glacier.

ak_babes.jpg (21230 bytes)
Phil's Phabulous Phillies!

ak_happy.jpg (20102 bytes)
Phil faces stiff competition as he tries out for the dance team.

ak_group.jpg (24883 bytes)
If everyone is here, who's driving the boat?

ak_philplay.jpg (21035 bytes)
Okay Phil, back to work!

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