What's it like to take a cruise with Phil? Just ask Mimi Swartz, Travel Editor for the Denver Post...
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Play it again, Phil ... "New York, New York" ... "Fiddler On The Roof" ... "Bumblebee Boogie" ... Broadway Show Tunes ... Jazz, Country, Pop, Blues... How about "Phantom of the Opera? If you can name it, chances are Phil Westbrook can play it.

There is an inspirational story behind this song stylist and pianist who was born with phenomenal talents and has chosen to make the very best out of them.

Phil is one of those rare musicians with the ability to play any song by ear. He and his wife, Linda, have an extraordinary partnership. She is not only his number one fan but his business manager, graphic designer and critic.

From the beginning of their marriage 47 years ago, Linda urged Phil to become a professional entertainer. In Phil's words, "I decided music was what I really wanted to do. It always had been but I thought, gosh, what a crazy way to make a living. The gamble paid off. I've been working steadily six or seven days a week for the past 37 years and this is definitely the best job I've ever had". Phil spent a number of years hosting his own talk and music shows and doing production for radio and TV in Montana and Washington before starting his career as a musician.

Most success stories are the result of hard work and dedication; this one is no exception. Phil divides his time between learning new songs, song writing and performing. Phil has recorded an amazing selection of albums (8 in all) of the most popular requests he receives, songs he loves and a full four-volume set of Broadway show-tunes featuring music from 24 of the greatest musicals ever written. For information about ordering Phil's music, send an e-mail to Though modesty prevents him from discussing it often, Phil performs a unique service for his fans that goes far beyond mere entertainment. People have always called Phil when they want something special for their weddings, receptions, banquets, parties and what Phil calls "glad times". But he is also the person many people call to help them through the "sad times". These are often not only sad, but tragic times of their lives. Phil helps see them through these difficult times with love and understanding as well as his inspirational music.

Phil has performed all over the world, from Seattle to New York and as far south as Costa Rica. "My business is music and fun," says Phil. "There aren't many traditional piano bars left where you can go and order up your favorite song. The best part of my job is taking requests. I do whatever I can to entertain people." Treat yourself and the one you love to an evening spent with a special man and his music. Play it again, Phil. Bring back some of our fondest memories and help us to make new ones.